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My experiences with legal terrorism

Who am I?

Posted by iluvshrutiverma on May 17, 2009

This is my legal blog. My social blog can be found at iluvshrutiverma.wordpress.com/.

***All my blogs are to help people fight against injustice. Most of the arsenal that I have is from a man’s side but I offer advice to genuine woman too***

Some call me a battered husband, some call me a harassed husband, but for the sake of this introduction, I shall keep it factual:

I am a B Tech from IIT-Bombay and an MBA from IIM-Bangalore, and facing false criminal charges of harassment from my wife.

In addition to the above, I have recently completed my degree in law (LL.B.). It is not a very common combination – B Tech. MBA, LL.B; but necessity is the mother of invention. One fine day – upper middle class educated people, who know nothing about the  law, find themselves entangled in this extortion racket. They have two choices in front of them:

1. Either to pay the extortion money to the wife

2. Or to stand up for their rights and fight against injustice

Needless to say that I chose the latter. Therefore I am here in front of you today wanting to share how to combat legal terrorism.

I know there are millions of husbands like me facing these charges or facing a threat of these charges. Through this blog, I wish to help those fellow brothers and sisters. I will share legal knowledge and situational wisdom that I have gained through out these years in fighting against legal terrorism.

I will also try to bring about how easy and economical legal battles become if you know what is the right thing to do.

This blog will evolve with time, and in case you need any personalized advice, you may kindly leave a comment on my blog – explaining your exact situation and I would try to help you as much as possible.

May the next generation live in a fair and just society free of terrorism.



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Why me?

Posted by iluvshrutiverma on May 9, 2009

Every year in India – 2 crore children start to study, 20 lakh reach college, 2 lakh appear for IIT-JEE, 2000 get into IIT, 200 get into IIM-B, 20 get a job on day 1, When I was the first to get a job on day 1, I never asked GOD “Why me?” Hence today I should not be asking GOD “Why me?”

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